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Leira Organics

Tūtū's Ola Pono Rub

Tūtū's Ola Pono Rub

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Aromatic relaxation and relief in a bottle. Designed for easy, deep breathing and tranquility, this is a rub youʻll want to keep by the nightstand. Soothing and refreshing, it nurtures with noni's hydrating touch, while providing a cooling effect on the skin without trapping heat. Safe and effective for the entire family, embrace the tranquil sensation and breathe in the joys of feeling cared for by Tūtū. Enjoy a moment of calm and well-being with this soothing herbal balm.

Packaged sustainably in glass, our products' goal is to spread Aloha and love while minimizing waste. Embrace nature's remedy, celebrate lāʻau (plants), and indulge in transformative, mindful care.


  • organic extra virgin coconut oil
  • noni (morinda citrifolia)
  • local beeswax
  • naturally occurring vitamin E
  • pure therapeutic grade eucalyptus, peppermint, rosemary, and melaleuca essential oils
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