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Leira Organics

ʻEha Muscel Rub

ʻEha Muscel Rub

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An all-time favorite known for its vibrant color, our invigorating ʻEha Muscle Rub, is a thoughtful remedy for sore muscles. Feel the gentle warmth of locally grown Nīʻoi (Hawaiian Chili Pepper) as it eases tension and stiffness. Energize your senses with the spicy fusion of ʻOlena (Turmeric) and ʻAwapunhi (Ginger). Let the soothing balm provide relief and rejuvenation, creating an uplifting self-care experience. Soothe more than your ʻeha (sore) muscels—this rub provides instant relief in many ways.

Packaged sustainably in glass, our products' goal is to spread Aloha and love while minimizing waste. Embrace nature's remedy, celebrate lāʻau (plants), and indulge in transformative, mindful care.


  • organic extra virgin coconut oil
  • nīʻoi (Hawaiian Chili Pepper)
  • ʻōlena (tunermic)
  • ʻawapuhi (ginger)
  • local beeswax
  • natural occurring vitamin e oil
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